Implementation in your company

From our experience we can recommend the following implementation roadmap for #meditation4business.
The steps are of course flexible and adaptable to your company and its challenges.

You wonder whether #meditation4business is suitable for your business?
Informal chat
Everything begins with a conversation!

Completely free of charge and without any obligation we exchange information with you about our concept, our personal journey and about the effectiveness of our techniques by telephone, Skype or personally.

If you have the opportunity, we will be happy to welcome you in our office in Munich.

Still not sure?
Analysis of requirements
Optionally, you can carry out an analysis within your company in advance and thus determine interest in this subject.

Remarkable: Often, considerably more employees and managers are interested in this topic than initially assumed.

We will gladly support you with wording and images for an appealing internal marketing.

Inspiration & Information is key
We introduce to the topic of meditationIn in scope of a key-note, as part of a special event or as part of an already planned company event (e.g. “offsite”, “all-hands” or “teambuilding”) in your company. We will demystify the topic and show you psychological, philosophical and neuro-scientific backgrounds in connection to #meditation4business.

On request we include a meditation session directly into the event for first-hand experience.

Employee & management feedback
Interested in the concept?
Usually, after an event or taster-workshop (series), a group of highly interested and motivated employees is formed who (want to) drive the topic for themselves and then within the company.
Integration into everyday working life
#workasmeditation arises from a process of personal growth within the management team and employees. We initiate this evolution with our workshops.

In 1-3 day/afternoon sessions the participants experience deeper techniques and explore meditation related topics, learning how to bring them into the business context.

Long-term support & programmes
Sustainable transformation requires repetition. Existing behavior patterns must be recognized and broken through. New patterns need time to consolidate.

Of course, it is best if your own employees motivate and train themselves. Since this does not always succeed, we are available as “personal trainers” to increase motivation at regular intervals, to add new techniques for selection and to deepen practice.

Together we define the concept and integrate meditation into your company!

Inspiring leadership
21-days transformation program
You don’t have time? Would you like to have reached a mindset evolution already bey yesterday? Are you looking for the “fast track“?

Bad news: Unfortunately there is no magic wand or spell that transforms you immediately.

Good news: Our 21-day transformation program can provide you with the framework for a fast and intensive development. By allowing you to connect to your inner self, unfold and integrate parts of your personality in a very short time span. But you have to be ready for it! The “express”-journey to the “I” will be demanding on your part!

Top-down: Executives who have completed the 21-day transformation program act as inspiration and multipliers for mindfulness, empathy and intuition within the company.

Employees & management independently integrate meditation practice into their daily work routine

Which techniques do we use?

Many associate meditation with silent sitting in “zazen”, the traditional cross-legged sitting posture. But meditation is much more than that. There are many different meditation techniques. According to our experience, especially “active” meditations* are the fastest and most effective way to get deep into silence and observation. Active techniques include a variety of phases of physical activity combined with phases of stillness and silence. We combine active meditations* with various mindfulness techniques and short meditations for everyday life. In secularized form, free of religious and dogmatic burden, the techniques unfold their full potential especially in today’s world.

For us meditation is not a dry exercise, but pure joy. We love to meditate and thus share the joy of meditation. In the context of our events, workshops and programmes we only share meditation techniques that we have experienced for and on ourselves.


The core of meditation and meditation-related exercises is observation.

Through the different meditation techniques we train our ability to observe. Thus we get a distance to our own thoughts and feelings, to our mind. The mind can relax. Just as a muscle needs rest so that it can grow. The next time we need the mind again, it is much fresher. Life requires a lot of creativity and when our mind is under constant strain, it is too tired to function when we really need it. A calm mind can help to use creativity. It does this because it creates space for the soul to take over its “master role”soulmastery!

After each of our workshops, participants receive detailed tips, practices and exercises to integrate meditation into their daily work. Meditation should not be considered separately from everyday working life, but integrates itself perfectly into everyday working life. We have made the experience and still make it every day on ourselves that “work as meditation” provides incredible added value.

We accompany you during the integration of “work as meditation” in your company.

*We are certified facilitators of the OSHO® Active Meditations ™. As part of our workshops and programs, we share OSHO Active Meditations™. OSHO® is a registered trademark of the OSHO International Foundation used with permission,