WHO should participate?

Meditation4Business is for CEO’s, leaders, managers, talents & high-potentials, as well as anyone who is interested in trying or deepening meditation as a technique. The most important precondition is openness to the new and unknown.

In our workshops we often meet people who already use meditation apps such as headspace, 7mind or insight timer or have completed programs such as Google’s SIY, MBSR™, TM™, Potential Project and SAP4U. Our workshops and programs offer these people a very good opportunity to experience new meditation techniques and/or to enter deeper into meditation practice.

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WHO are we?

Julia & Michael

I initially studied business administration and, after completing my studies, worked for many years in a large bank in various departments and positions until I became very ill. It was a time in my life when I presumably had everything I had ever wanted in terms of material things or experiences I had dreamed of. My illness was an impulse for me to deal with myself for the first time in my life. Who am I? All these years I have been always running and running and had gained so much distance from myself that I didn’t even know what I was really enjoying. I started looking for myself and so I came to yoga. Yoga helped me incredibly to develop an awareness for my own body. Later I also did a training as yoga teacher. By a ”coincidence” I came across the topic of meditation. The practice of meditation fascinated me immediately and I tried many different techniques. Especially the Active Meditations™ of OSHO® had an unbelievable impact on myself and consequently also in my environment. Life has taken on a completely different quality for me. Unexpected abilities began to develop. A lot of creativity was released in me. Motivated by the experiences and developments, I went deeper and deeper into meditation. I have done various Meditative Therapies (OSHO Meditative Therapies™). Today I facilitate some of these processes myself. I decided to leave the bank and started to study philosophy again with a minor in culture/language/literature. During my studies I intensively dealt with Asian cultures. I also worked in a start-up company, mainly in marketing and conducting workshops for clients. My personal journey took me to India, where I spent significant amount of time in a meditation resort*. Even today meditation is an integral part of my everyday life. Meditation and work are not contradictory for me – quite the reverse. Meditation gives my work a completely new quality. It ”costs” me no time, but gives me so much energy that I can work in a completely different way. For me it’s not about following a certain philosophy or world view, but to make my own experiences & to discover for myself what’s inside of me – to go my own, individual way.

In 1991 I came to Germany as a refugee from the former Soviet Union. Driven by the experienced shortages paired with the new consumption possibilities of the west my way led me through high school and past armed security service to the university. There I completed (in just 9 semesters) two courses of studies (diploma in business administration & master in economics). On the search for money and prestige I began to work at a management consultancy (Accenture). After about 4.5 years of intensive project work and many Lufthansa miles my way led me to an investment bank. There I took over responsibility for initially 3 teams. Over the years the responsibility span grew to 6 teams. The change from the management consultancy to the bank gave me “free” evenings and so I founded together with a friend www.bbque.de. After 7 years of intensive work on this “baby”, our products were in almost every supermarket shelf. Instead of a comfortable “exit”, the brand moved however after an unsightly finale to a large industrial enterprise. During this whole “ride” I naturally thought that my way was the “right” way and that I was winning in life. This all went quite well until the time when Julia got sick (about 3 years ago). On the search for a way out of the illness Julia came across meditation. At that time and “mindset” this was absolute nonsense for me accompanied with religious flavour. But when I noticed how Julia’s condition changed rapidly, where conventional therapies and medicine failed, I became very curious. I joined this initiative and spent >1,000 hours with the app headspace in the beginning. My life and the quality of living changed rapidly. At some point, however, I had a strong desire to continue researching and exploring this new universe of awareness and conciousness. Many self-experiments, reading, reading, reading, Asia travels, even more experiments, followed, until we came across the Active Meditations™ of OSHO®. These techniques went much deeper than anything before (and we tried a lot) and got me to my own core much faster. After many thousands of hours of meditation and some significant experiences, we decided to share the techniques with those people who (retrospectively) need it most – the managers, c-suites and “talents” in the business world. They are the ones who constantly operate at their own “red line”, they are trapped in ego games and seek to move “up” some ladders. These are the classic “Penrose” staircase “climbers”, to which I myself belonged just a few years ago. From these experiences and with this motivation we began to share the techniques with other people. One day, however, we realized that a project like this, needs all our energy and  attention. So we got rid of all other tasks and obligations and created soulmastery.

Our own journey released a lot of creativity in us. We created more and more paintings, which we finally offered for sale when the basement threatened to overflow. In the last months the art developed to an independent “label” – soulartist.de was born.

Take a look at our artistic expression:

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*Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune (www.osho.com/visit)