Events & key-notes

The topic of mindfulness is currently “on everyone’s lips”. With clearly structured speeches we bring the subject of mindfulness and meditation closer by means of philosophical, psychological and neuroscientific findings. Here the advantages, possibilities and challenges become more tangible for the individual, as well as for the enterprise. Our presentation can sensitize the employees and/or the management team for the new working world of tomorrow and open doors to a more attentive co-operation. Our presentations stand out due to their practical relevance and accentuating humour.

Within the framework of an “onsite” or “offsite” event, the participants have the opportunity to directly encounter and experience meditation for themselves. On request we offer a meditation session and include practical mindfulness exercises. The participants can then continue the techniques on their own and integrate them into their everyday life.

Topics can be defined together or selected from this range:

digital revolution evolution
new work needs inner work
key note event speaker
decisiontaking decision making


Our workshops offer an excellent introduction or deepening opportunity into the topic of meditation, mindfulness and awareness. In a workshop, participants experience both theoretical backgrounds and active meditation practice, including the integration of meditative practices in everyday professional life. Our workshops can be structured on your company premises over a period of 1 to 3 days. We are happy to address specific challenges of your company or the respective team and of course consider personal topics of interest.

Transformation programs – over 5 or 10 weeks

Over a period of 5 or 10 weeks, we accompany people in small groups who want to integrate meditation into their daily work and who are interested in discovering the various advantages of the meditative practice (#workasmeditation). The sessions consist of “offline” workshop days on site (3 hours each) and supporting online sessions (90 minutes each). The online and offline sessions alternate over the duration of the program and thus offer the opportunity to absorb techniques, their backgrounds and hints & tricks and then integrate them into one’s own everyday activities. The regularity of the supervision promotes one’s own discipline and supports questions and challenges related to the topics and also serves as a platform for the exchange of experiences and inspiration (also among the participants).

In each session, the participants receive practical exercises and techniques, which they then integrate into their daily work until the next session. The exercises and techniques build-up on each other and are individually adapted to the participants by us. Each session will be conducted by us personally & live. In this way we see and feel the people and give them tailored selection of techniques they can apply in their daily work. For this we draw from our portfolio with over 120 different techniques.

C-Suite 21-days transformation program

The core of our approach is the “on the job” transformation programme. Over 21 intensive days sustainable, profound and rapid development can be achieved. As part of our “Personal Training for the Soul” we accompany you individually or in a small group over a period of 21 days on your journey into the “I”. This in-service program includes daily accompaniment and meditative exercises before and after your work over the entire period at your location. We also include your daily work routine and challenges into the process. Within this framework, we can respond to your very individual needs and immerse ourselves deeply in meditative practice together. Are you ready to transform yourself and see the world with new eyes?