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as-is situation

In many companies, everyday life is characterized by the following symptoms:

Stress, burnouts, silo thinking, decreasing efficiency, fluctuation, conflicts, change resistance, innovation gap, loss of agility,

If we compare this with nature, the symptoms are visible on the surface in the form of grey, dying leaves. The tree is sick. It lacks vitality. It cannot grow – on the contrary, it dies slowly.

The causes for all these symptoms, however, are buried deeper. They lie beneath the surface. We have to go to the roots to find them.

The following root causes are mostly responsible for the symptoms:

Fear, no assumption of self-responsibility, lack of self-esteem

stage 1 – corporate health management

Meditation is a tool that goes to the roots of the tree. It does not deal with the symptoms, but goes deeper – to the actual causes of the perceiveable problems.

Through the integration of meditation into everyday working life, sick leaves can become healthy again. They gain new vitality and begin to grow slowly. Their grey colour changes into a blue. The roots under the earth begin to recover. They anchor themselves deeper in the soil, thus creating more stability. The tree thereby has the best conditions to grow, to develop further, new leaves can emerge.

stage 2 – potential development

Continuous rooting of meditation practice into everyday working life increases awareness of oneself and the environment.

Qualities and abilities that have remained hidden until now can be (re)discovered. One’s own potential can unfold. The tree grows and grows. The leaves in their radiant blue form inner structures. New leaves emerge. Each leaf is unique, brings special abilities with it. Together they form a holistic artwork in the form of a tree that can continue to grow. The sick leaves have completely disappeared.

The roots anchor themselves more and more in the soil and give the tree stability and strength, so that it can continue to grow and develop its full potential. It forms new pathways. On some branches there are several leaves that enrich each other. Roots interconnect and form synergies.