Meditation is NOT for everyone


Shouldn’t everyone be meditating? Wouldn’t the world be a better place? Couldn’t the consumerism and the hunt for perpetual growth be deprived of their meaning?

The answer to all these questions is clearly – YES! Yes, meditation is a means – even a medicine for all human beings. It has always been and now, thousands of years after the emergence of the techniques, we need it more than ever. We humans have changed ourselves and the world around us. With the social development factors in addition, the world has become a challenging environment. Thus is has become increasingly difficult for the average person to use this “tool” effectively.

Hope is in the way

Consumption holds many people firmly under control. Money has become our rider instead of our horse. Many are chasing after material and monetary goals. As long as this is the case, mediation can only help to a limited extent. The attachment to the perishable and the material can only be dropped with great difficulty with such an attitude of mind. However, this is an essential aspect of personal development. Freedom from desires, compulsions, wants and programming is the way to deal with the really important questions, such as “Who am I?” or the “mother of all fears”, the fear of death.

The hope for what it might be like at some future point in time torments and drives people and leaves little room for contemplation, meditation and finally the “no-mind” state, where thoughts sometimes give peace and we can go into ourselves to look for the more important answers than “when will my next wish finally materialize”. But isn’t reality a mirror of my inner attitude?… Yes, it is, but hope prevents manifestation on a deep level. Hope is an incredible driver in this respect and even if more and more people realize that the AMG E63s won’t get them any further than the C220CDI provided by the company (sorry @AMG) on an intellectual level, the consumer goods are still associated with a lifestyle which justifies the hunt for them in front of ourselves. I can still hear myself saying – “it’s not about the Lambo per se, it’s the lifestyle he represents for me”. – It was about accumulating so much money that money doesn’t matter. The money has always been irrelevant however, only the hope for more prevents the recognition of this fact in the deepest inner core and thus blocks the possibility of dropping the attachments. Hope fires the fears and forces us to behave in patterns which we then somehow yearn to overcome.

Meditation and Transcendence

Every human being needs a different amount of “successes”, achieved goals and material achievements in order to be able to leave them behind eventually or to acknowledge the fact that more of it is neither permanent nor brings anything lasting happiness, bliss and contentment. We don’t even have to start thinking about the fear of death, because that is where we have the topics of inheritance and the passing on of genes, which are used for self-justification. As history shows, this has also worked well with the pharaohs….

But if one has the chance to look behind this game and to recognize the material realm as what it is – comfort, support and tools for everyday life, then one is a lot closer to true transcendence. In my opinion, a balance of poles is always a prerequisite for the transcendence of a topic. The material realm on the one hand, the spiritual realm on the other. In my opinion, life in a monastery or in the Himalayas is just as one-sided as a purely material life. It is the use of both poles when one needs them without adhering to either. That’s transcendence for me. Here I understand meditation also as medicine, which should bring us into the middle (“medi”). Away from one extreme, but not towards another. So that meditation does not become another “extreme”, the material things must not be banished or suppressed – no matter what the motive may be. This only leads to a kind of mental “yo-yo effect” at a later point in time. An extreme must be dropped by observation and insight. These are the things that are brought by and through meditation. It is evident in our time that a certain level must be reached before the issues of personal development and transcendence can be effectively addressed. Those who have supposedly achieved “everything” or have always thought they had “everything” have a clear advantage here – at this point it is easier to let go of attachments and not get into an extreme of repression and self-mortification.

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IQ required

The mind is often portrayed as an obstacle and sometimes even an “enemy” when it comes to mindfulness, meditation and human development. I personally find this attitude questionable. It is only the well-developed mind that enables us to look behind some things and games. As with money and material things, the mind is a useful tool. It just shouldn’t become a “master”.

What is Mastery? To be a witness is to be a master! Watch your thoughts (…) instead of being their slave.(OSHO)

Only through the combination of IQ and its emotional counterpart – the EQ – can we tap, use and develop our full potential as human beings. In my opinion, people with a high IQ or a well-developed mind are in advantage when it comes to being able to drop the mind and recognize the mind for the tool it really is. To move the unconscious into the conscious requires also some mind work paired with meditation and mindfulness. To recognize the games of the subconscious, to observe the programming that takes place in us as such is easier with the increasing power of reflection, which depends on IQ.

Experience instead of faith

Not everything can be explained rationally. Science is not omnipotent. Man and the universe are still gigantic puzzles. This fact fascinates me more and more in the context of some people’s argumentation about meditation. Again and again I meet people who think they know everything about the subject through purely theoretical studies. Explanations are constructed or phenomena are simply placed in the esoteric corner. One experience can bring more than a thousand books and videos. The experience of one’s own organism and mind says more than anything anyone could ever write about it. But even that is NOT for everyone. Trying and experiencing needs courage. This is also not an everyday characteristic. The brave are always rewarded with the adventure of life. Here, too, there is someone at an advantage who simply dares to collect the experience of meditation instead of reading, thinking or believing in others for years to come – no matter in which direction the arguments go.

Courage, IQ, Prosperity & Death

Anyone can and should try meditation. It is an incredible tool and can “help” everyone. With the prerequisites like courage, IQ and prosperity it is almost a MUST for me to collect this experience. The people who have at least two of these qualities have such an advantage that it is almost a waste not to deal with these topics (imho). We are in the privileged position of living in a country and a society that allows more and more people to look behind the facades and put their accumulated wealth and intellect at the service of their own development.
Death awaits us all. We all die alone and cannot take anything material with us. I think this much is “objectively” reconcilable with what is going on in society today on the subject of death. So the questions “Why am I here?” and “Who am I?” can be afforded. They come at a price, but is there a more rewarding investment in the face of impermanence?

soulmastery, meditation, transformation

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