Create free space in the head – meditation technique Gibberish


If you are looking for some variety or want to try a new meditation technique – here is a method to purify the mind:

OSHO Gibberish Meditation®  

Gibberish is one of the most scientific ways to clean your mind. This is a cathartic technique which encourages expressive sounds and body movements, followed by a deep merging or silent relaxation.


The meditation lasts 30 minutes and has two stages. For the second stage two options are given and you can choose whichever fits best in the moment.

First stage: 15 minutes

Either alone or in a group, close your eyes and start to say whatever needs to be expressed within you – everything that you ever wanted to say and have not been able to say because of civilization, education, culture, society. Just do it totally, enthusiastically. Anything that is moving in your mind, throw it out. Just avoid the language that you know. If you don’t know Chinese, say it in Chinese! Use Japanese if you don’t know Japanese. Don’t use German if you know German. Bring out all your craziness in rubbish, gibberish, sounds, gestures. Simply allow whatever comes to your mind without bothering about its rationality, reasonability, meaning, significance. For the first time have a freedom – the same as all the birds have. The mind always thinks in terms of words. Gibberish helps to break this pattern of continual verbalization. Don’t be bothered whether it is Arabic or Hebrew or Chinese, you are allowed to speak any language that you don’t know. Just avoid the language that you do know, because the language that you do know will not bring your nonsense out. Without suppressing your thoughts, you can throw them out – in gibberish. And likewise, let your body be expressive. Be sincere, make it a reality. Just go crazy.

Second stage: 15 Minuten – Option 1

Lie down on your stomach and feel as if you are merging with Mother Earth. With each exhalation, feel yourself merging with the ground beneath you.

Second stage: 15 Minuten – Option 2

Silently relax – sitting, with closed eyes, watching the inner sky.

Our personal experience shows that this technique is very effective. In the first phase, you speak aloud in a language that you don’t know kennst‼ Yes, just start making sounds that are composed of a language that doesn’t exist or you don’t know. Say loudly everything that is on your heart. Get rid of everything, say yourself out. Speak continuously for the duration of the phase, don’t pause. In the beginning it may seem a bit crazy to you. It’s crazy, but it can also be incredibly fun to just say anything you always wanted to say but couldn’t for various reasons. Sit down comfortably with an upright spine and be quiet. Fall into silence – the space created by the Gibberish. Observe!

Background: This technique can be traced back to the Suffi mystic Gabbar. He only used Gibberish as a technique and thus helped countless people to enlighten themselves (according to tradition).

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We have taken this meditation technique from the book “Das blaue Meditationsbuch” (p.267) & “Meditation the first and the last freedom” by OSHO (p.197). More meditation techniques can be found in this book.