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Why meditation?

SOULMASTERY One of the strongest questions one can ask oneself, in my opinion, is the “why “. This question often drives us in different directions and can bring every eloquent…
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Employer Branding

SOULMASTERY What does employer branding have to do with meditation? First of all, I have to be so fair and admit that even a few months ago I didn’t realize…
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Meditation is NOT for everyone

SOULMASTERY Shouldn’t everyone be meditating? Wouldn’t the world be a better place? Couldn’t the consumerism and the hunt for perpetual growth be deprived of their meaning? The answer to all…
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Come to se(e)a

SOULMASTERY A simple story “Why do you want this job?” – Everyone probably knows this question during an interview, no matter on which side of the process. (Side note: If…
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