for the business world

Become indistractable through AWARENESS.


Meditation as an undercurrent throughout your day.


In an innovative way we combine experiences from business, philosophy and meditative practice to fully develop your potential and the well-being of your most important “resource” – the people in your company!

Where external structures are being dismantled, internal structures such as self-determination, responsibility & intuition are increasingly becoming necessary. New work, big data, time pressure – it’s time for a mindset evolution!

Our approach is one of a kind due to

Meditation 4.0

We source from 120 different techniques for the modern human being.

Sustainable & effective

We create the framework for sustainable transformation. You determine the speed & depth of your personal development.

Heart- & Mindset

No dogma, no blind faith – we leverage on our experience & passion for the tool meditation.

We are grateful for our clients’ trust

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