Our approach focuses on meditative practice in corporate context.

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Meditation has been used for many thousands of years in various cultures and religions for spiritual development and healing. Over the last few years we have studied, tried and collected a great variety of these techniques for todays secularized use. Enthusiastic about the effect, we take the techniques out of the religious and dogmatic corner and separate them from beliefs, mantras and other esoteric burden.

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Modernly designed for the current age and today’s challenges, the practice of active meditation techniques is an incredibly effective method to walk the path to oneself, one’s inner life, one’s feelings and thus ultimately to balance, attention and happiness. Free of religious and dogmatic ballast, the techniques unfold their full potential, especially in our modern age.

Meditation in the 21st century? Isn’t that nonsense for esoteric hippies?!

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While working with our clients we repetitively see the five external senses to be supremely developed. This is also encouraged by our current society structure. The inner world on the other side is left aside in many cases. People are no longer able to identify and feel their own feelings. Just spikes in the feelings are recorded by the mind. Especially negative spikes are clearly felt – e.g. anger, envy, jealousy and fear. Positive feelings need to be extremely boosted to be registered by the individual – e.g. new car, new smartphone, promotion, or salary increase. This is a race which is bound to leave the individual at a loss against his or her own desires and abilities. However, the feelings are always there with us – positive and negative – it is on us to let them into our life and embrace them. We set out to lift the separation between from this inner world in people and restore this connection to feelings and inner joy. This is the key to many sought-after qualities such as empathy, intuition and creativity.
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The aim of our programs is therefore to combine and use meditation techniques, psychological and philosophical insights to noticeably increase performance, concentration, creativity and awareness. By working on and with one’s own inner world, we open access to intuition, compassion and one’s own emotional life. The positive side effects are stress reduction, burnout prevention and the rediscovery of the joy of current activities.

Body, Mind & Soul

Doctors take care of the body. Psychiatrists take care of the mind. We are here for the uniting element – the soul. This is where we come into play with soul.mastery. We see our approach primarily in the development and promotion of the human potential.
At the same time our offer can be used for the prevention of illnesses and as a very effective rehabilitation measure. According to the latest findings, the cause of at least 80% of illnesses is psychological in nature. This is often caused by an imbalance between mind and body. Therefore, our approach is based on the promotion and development of the soul life. The soul connects everything in us and provides the necessary balance and overall health.
(Note: Of course, we do not compete with medical treatment methods and do not offer substitutes for currently ongoing treatments and acute illnesses).

What’s up with “Mastery“? “Master” the soul?

What is Mastery? To be a witness is to be a master! Watch your thoughts (…) instead of being their slave.” (Acharya Rajneesh)

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Many associate meditation with the so-called silent sitting in “zazen”, the traditional crossed-legged seating of Buddhists. However, meditation is much more than that. There are many different meditation techniques that have been designed and optimized by different people over thousands of years. The core of meditation and meditation-related exercises is observation.
If you start with the classical “Zazen”, observing may seem very difficult. The best-known meditation technique of silent sitting is also one of the most challenging. Thoughts run through your head, everything around you seems to be disturbing or more important than the current contemplation attempt. True concentration, contemplation and silence are often long in coming. Many people thus quickly lose their interest in meditation. Our experience shows that true silence can already be experienced in the first meditation session with the right approach. We have become acquainted with meditation techniques which, in our experience, go very deep, very quickly.
Observing one’s own thoughts instead of running after them enables the meditator to truly look inwards, to recognize the internal drivers as such and to bring unconscious processes of mind and body into consciousness. Through the increasing awareness the meditator can perceive himself and his environment more truthfully. Often the perception is distorted by so-called “filter”. These filters pigeonhole all perceived for us within fractions of a second and often leave us with mostly similar, known behaviour patterns. The observation of these distortions finally leads to the transcendence of the continuous categorizations of our perception. Transcendence in turn brings with it the ability of de-identification. Thus, the meditator can recognize problems, challenges, instincts and desires as such and observe them inwardly with a certain distance. It is this distance that enables us to make true decisions and not to react blindly to external stimuli instead of acting on our true will. The state of observation achieved in this way allows the meditator to truly witness his thoughts and allows for a conscious decision on a wish, drive or stimulus.
SoulMastery Meditation4Business München Workshops Meditation

What meditation techniques do we use?

Our experience has shown that the so-called “active” meditations are the quickest and most effective way of getting deep into silence and observation. Active techniques include a variety of phases of physical activity and silence. Activities vary by technique and can include laughing, crying, jumping, dancing, humming, walking and much more. The silence phases take place while lying, standing or sitting. The techniques differ greatly in detail and area of application. We combine the active meditations with various mindfulness exercises and short meditations. The origin of the techniques is very diverse. Some techniques are thousands of years old and are partly derived from the great monotheistic religions. Other techniques are quite modern and have been defined within the last century. Our approach is characterized by the mix of these diverse techniques.

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For us meditation is not a dull affair, but pure joy. We love to meditate and have fun doing it. We’d love to share the joy of meditation with you!

What does Meditation4Business & Work as Meditation mean?

A workshop, retreat or boot camp is often a very good introduction to a certain topic. The real challenge is to transfer what you have learnt and what you have experienced into your daily work and life. As we ourselves come from a business background and have many years of office experience, we have given a lot of thought to this issue. This approach led us to the creation of our hashtag #Meditation4Business.

After each of our workshops, participants receive detailed tips, practices and exercises to integrate meditation into their daily work. Management support provided, “work as meditation” can emerge. With the right approach, any activity can be performed meditatively. Of course, there are differences in the degree of difficulty and some might consider this impossible at first sight. However, we have made the experience and still make it every day on ourselves that “work as meditation” can work. Meditation should not be considered separately from everyday working life but integrates itself perfectly into the daily routine. It helps to work much more efficiently and to be more efficient without feeling stressed and exhausted.

We see our duty in this regard to enable an appropriate introduction into this topic, so that the first simple and repetitive tasks can be carried out meditatively. Gradually this approach can be extended to more difficult areas of application, such as writing e-mails or even conducting a meeting or telephone conference. It would be our pleasure to accompany you during the integration of “work as meditation” in your company.

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