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Welcome to SoulMastery!

We’re Julia and Michael. Our vision with SoulMastery is to support people through our knowledge and actions who want to fully develop their potential and strive for more creativity, intuition & empathy. We have put together our offering for the development of necessary and desired abilities. We also offer workshops and programs to support you in coping with stress-related challenges in your daily work.
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Why trust us?

Our lives have been dedicated to high-performance. We considered ourselves to be at the very top of our peer groups. We have finished our studies with exceptional grades and then followed up with various roles in banking, consulting, management and an own start-up in the food industry. We thought that nothing can stop us. The only way was up, until life taught us a lesson. After unpleasant experiences with depression and burn-out both of us found our own paths to meditation. We passed through religious groups, experimented with “life-hacks” and our bodies, read tons of books, travelled the orient and after several years finally found a deep understanding of true meditation and its beneficial powers. We have found true bliss, joy and balance for ourselves and helping others to find this positive life and holistic health became our vision. We have poured all our knowledge and experience into our workshops and programs. As everyone is unique, we are of course able to adjust the pre-defined programs to individual needs and create whole customized programs for individuals, or groups. Our programs respect the needs of managers and talents, as we know from our own experience what it takes to be in these roles and perform under pressure.
We are here for your questions or further information need. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!
Julia & Michael

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In Berlin we are represented by the agency INSIGHT.

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